Bogrim Buddies


The summer has been filled with many amazing experiences throughout camp, but one activity that is unique to Bogrim is a chug (activity) called Bogrim Buddies. Bogrim Buddies pairs a Bogrim camper up with a camper from Amitzim. Amitzim is part of the TIkvah program for campers with disabilities. This is a very special program for the Bogrimers and the Amitzimers. Campers have the chance to build a relationship over the course of the summer, and discover how much they have in common with each other. It has been wildly popular in Bogrim, and when chanichim (campers) are asked about their experience in the chug they have nothing but praise for the program. The campers meet up during Amitzim sports perek, and the campers together get to play sports and get to know each other. It is truly a beautiful program!

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