Bogrim celebrates Shabbat with a Tisch

People who have experienced a Shabbat at Camp Ramah agree that it is special. In Adat HaBogrim we try to take advantage of the amazing ruach (spirit) of the day by having special events for the edah. One of those activities is something called a tisch . A tisch is a Friday night gathering where Jews get together and sing songs and eat food together in an atmosphere filled with simcha (happiness). Immediately following dinner and shira (songs), our entire edah heads over to our moadon (meeting building). We pass out a few extra snacks and sing lots of fun songs. The madrichim lead the chanichim in these songs, and sometimes a group of chanichim will get up to teach a song that is special to them. The Bogrim tisch really is a beautiful activity where we can take the energy we have and focus it into a fun and spirited activity.


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