Bogrim Tefillah (prayer service): Honoring Elijah Arnowitz

A lively Tefillah took place this morning in Moadon Bogrim (Bogrim clubhouse).  It was “Say it Aloud Sunday”, when multiple prayers are chanted aloud in their entirety, for increased knowledge of and fluency in the liturgy.  Some examples: all the paragraphs of the Shema and Aleinu were chanted.

Near the conclusion of the service, Mindy Goldstein, Director of Annual Campaign and Alumni Relations, presented  a Certificate and Ramah Bag and Shirt to chanich (camper) Elijah Arnowitz.  Elijah was recognized for establishing a fund (link, below*) to support the Tikvah program at our machaneh (camp) in lieu of gifts for his recent Bar Mitzva celebration.  Elijah wrote about this fund, in part “In honor of my Bar Mitzvah I am participating in the mitzvah of tzedakah.  I have chosen to focus my tzedakah giving to benefit the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England.  Camp is a place I love and the Tikvah program is something I think is really special about camp…The goal of the programs in the National Ramah Tikvah Network is to enhance Jewish identity and teach Jewish values in a supportive, inclusive, fun environment. At Ramah, campers with disabilities have many opportunities to connect and participate in activities with campers throughout the camp. These interactions provide an exceptional benefit to the entire Ramah community by fostering a heightened sensitivity toward individual differences. The funds I raise will go towards helping the Tikvah program with a variety of things such as a new printing of siddurim, a new mixer for the Voc Ed bakery, and some technology that will help the edah.”  Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach Elijah, pictured below, and top along with parents Rabbi Jeffrey and Tami Arnowitz, who also serve on our Tzevet Limud (Education staff).

And last but far from least: Bruchim HaBaim to Rabbi Bill Plevan and Sara Shapiro-Plevan, visiting their son, a Bogrimer, over Shabbat and Sunday.  Moadon Bogrim: a great place to be for Shacharit!


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