Bogrim travels through Israel!

During the Yom Miyuchad (special day) this week, Bogrim chanichim traveled along Shvil Yisrael (path of Israel). Shvil Yisrael is a trail that runs from the north of Israel down to the south, which takes about two consecutive months to hike. During this special Yom, we "traveled" through many different Israeli cities, playing fun games and learning interesting facts about those places, and about Israel in general. Some highlights included learning about Israeli-Palestinian coexistence in the port city of Haifa, choreographing dances to Israeli songs in Tel Aviv, and learning about the Israeli Army in the Negev (desert), and our Eilat beach party at the end of the day. Overall it was a great day, and our chanichim got a taste of different experiences in Israel.

Yom miyuchad 1

Yom miyuchad 2

Yom miyuchad 3

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