Bogrim Works Hard and Plays Hard!

The last week  has
been packed with exciting, fun, thought provoking programming.   On Tuesday, we travelled to Camp Ramah in
the Berkshires for a full day of sports competition. 
Some campers made new friends and others were so excited to see friends
from home who are campers at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. The following night,
we had one of our last Peulot Erev (night activities) called Super Double
Dare.  Campers had the opportunity to
answer trivia questions about the history of Camp Ramah  and Camp Ramah Personalities.  When they were unable to answer the
questions, they were dared to quickly shave water balloons, build pyramids out
of milk cartonsus ing only their feet, eat donuts off of their chest without
using their hands and whistle the National Anthem with crackers in their mouth.
It was a blast!

This week, our campers also completed their second session
take home projects.  Throughout the month,
we have created peulot erev (night activities) related to Israel Advocacy.  Campers were prompted to discuss their
personal connections with and feelings towards Israel.  They were also shown news clips that were
anti-israel in nature and discussed if and how they felt responsible to respond
to anti Israel sentiments. Our various Peulot (activities) culminated with each
bunk working together, with their counselor, to create an Israel related
program to bring back to their Youth Groups, Schools and Synagogues.  Campers were empowered to think critically
about how to engage their peers in important conversations about Israel.  Who better to understand how teenagers will
respond to a programs about Israel, than teenagers themselves! Through writing
these programs, our campers learned how to create informal educational programs
and were transformed  from students into teachers. 
Each Bogrim camper will take home a packet with each bunks program, to teach heir peers.

Though exciting programming continues to happen here at
camp, the summer is comng to a close.  To
reflect on this camp experience, our campers our currently working on creating
wooden squares with a message to future Bogrim campers.  Once each campers has completed their wooden
square, each square will be glued together to complete a full Edah plaque with our personal reflections
on the summer.

It has been an amazing summer here at camp and we are
looking forward to a beautiful last Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom


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