Bogrim Yom L’Yom: Leading Up to Yom Berkshires and Yom Play


It has already been an exciting week for Bogrim Campers!

Bogrim has been working hard on preparing divrei tefilla (lessons about prayer) on Israel for their Ramah Take Home Project. Working in groups, campers
have picked a text relating to their personal experience or ideas towards
Israel, and are creating a personal idea based on the passages they have
chosen. To express these ideas they are using a variety of different mediums
such as writing songs, designing posters, and creating skits.  At the end
of this week, campers will be giving their divrei tefilla at each of the
various different edot.


Take home photo 3

Yesterday, we continued our tradition of creating innovative and
creative tefillot by having a musical interactive Rosh Chodesh (new Jewish month) tefilla
yesterday.  Members of the Shira staff came to tefillot and all of B-Side
sang a musical hallel.


To build Palmer unity to a fever pitch ahead of Yom
Berkshires, we held a pep rally last night to introduce all the competitors
before today's activities. This morning, our campers greeted the Ramah
Berkshires teams with a smile and open arms as they got off their buses. 
Each camper participated in an activity of his/ her choosing, including tennis,
softball, basketball, ultimate frisbee and Scrabble. As each event ended,
campers joined to form Ramah Palmer “cheer squads” to root their still playing
camp mates to victory!

  It hasn't all been sports, though. It’s the time
of the summer for the performers, singers, dancers and artists in the group to
have their moment in the spotlight. That's right: It’s Play Time!
Play rehearsals for the Magshimim and Bogrim play have been
running for a few weeks. It's hard work, but the musical numbers are arranged
and dances choreographed for the Hebrew rendition of Fiddler on The Roof. All
that practice comes to fruition tomorrow, yom play, as opening night is finally
here. We have campers working on the set, choreographing the dances, running
the lighting and tech as well as acting on stage. It’s been amazing to see
the play group and staff join together, and witness what goes into making a
production work.

Yom sport, yom play… much of our summer has built up to
this week, and it couldn't be going better!



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