Boker Tzrif (Bunk Morning)

Today we held our camp-wide community-building Boker Tzrif (Bunk Morning) program.  On Boker Tzrif day, the entire machane (camp) is engaged with traveling around to different peulot (activities) with their entire tzrif.  This is different from a yom ragil (regular day), when the chanichim (campers) move from chug to chug (elective) with a variety of chanichim from one’s edah — but not necessarily one’s own bunk.  Boker Tzrif is especially great at making even stronger connections between bunkmates, as well as between bunkmates and their madrichim (counselors), as they have tons of fun at some unusual and out of the ordinary peulot together.  Here, the boys in Tzrif 9, Ilanot, are playing bocce led by Rabbi Hillel Greene:

Below left, the chanichot are designing and painting their original Bunk Plaque for Tzrif 23, Solelim; below right, Tzrif 1 Shoafim:

Below, these Amitzim Chanichim from Tzrif 82 are making colorful tye-dyed T-shirts;

below left, Tzrif 35, Shoafim prepares their plaque; below right: Tzrif 8, Shoafim:

These chanichim from Tzrif 10, Ilanot are doing Civil War Reenactments with Didi Kalmanofsky:

These Ilanot chanichim from Tzrif 5 are in the peula (activity): Existential Enigmas with Eli Rachlin:

These lucky chanichot in Tzrif 46 of Bogrim are indulging in a spa day by Tami Arnowitz (bottom right).  They are doing the following spa activities: facial masks, spa music, shoulder massage, and having blueberries with whipped cream.  Yum!