Bruchim HaBaim (Welcome): Alexandra Benjamin

We had the pleasure of welcoming to our machane (camp) Alexandra Benjamin (bio, below) for 2 days.  Alexandra is the Director of General Studies of the Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim Program (TRY) of Ramah Israel.  She is spending this summer primarily at Ramah Berkshires on their Tzevet Hinuch (Education Staff), and is also traveling around to several of our affiliates to discuss TRY and Ramah Seminar with the chanichim (campers).  Alexandra has worked for Ramah Israel for 6 years, and this is her first time visiting our machane.  She finds Ramah Palmer to be great and welcoming, with a strong network of TRY alumni — both chanichim and on Tzevet.   During her time here, Alexandra met with our Machon chanichim to discuss all aspects of the TRY program, and with our Nivonim chanichim to promote participation in Ramah Seminar.  She is pictured above with her adorable son Ivri.  Bruchim HaBaim!


Alexandra made aliyah fourteen years ago from London, England. She holds a Masters degree in Jewish Studies from University College, London. For nine years Alexandra worked as a senior educator and consultant at Melitz, Centers for Jewish Zionist Education, where she was the Director of Overseas Programming. In this capacity she lectured and taught extensively throughout the United States as well as in Europe. For several semesters she also taught and guided at the Machon L’Madrichei Chul program of the Jewish Agency. As a licensed tour guide she has worked with groups from all over the world on short trips and long-term programs. Alexandra has worked for Ramah as a mechanechet on Seminar, and for three years was an ICC mechanechet on TRY. Alexandra is a gabayit (board member) of her community Shira Hadasha. She lives in Jerusalem together with her son, Ivri.