Building Skills and Relationships Through Sports!

An update from Julia Harvey, our Rosh Sport:

We hope this blog report finds you well and filled with excitement for all the adventures your campers are experiencing this summer! As we’ve concluded our first week of camp, we wanted to update you on the incredible sports activities happening here at Camp Ramah New England.

This year, we are thrilled to offer a diverse range of 16 different sports chugim (electives) designed to cater to every camper’s interests and passions. Whether your camper is a budding soccer star, a gymnastics enthusiast, or trying a sport for the first time, we have something for everyone! The atmosphere is buzzing with energy as campers dive into their chosen sports, learning new skills, making friends, and having a blast. Our brand new hockey, basketball, and tennis courts provide state-of-the-art facilities for our campers to be immersed in athletic learning and development.

One of the highlights this summer has been our exceptional team of professional coaches who have been instrumental in guiding our campers to improve their skills and enjoy the thrill of game play. These coaches bring a wealth of experience and passion to Camp Ramah, ensuring that campers receive coaching tailored to their individual abilities and goals. We’ll be spotlighting each of these coaches in the coming weeks!

We have also been excitedly preparing our JV and Varsity Roo teams for their upcoming games against Ramah Berkshires. Our 14 varsity teams will be traveling to Camp Ramah Berkshires for the games while our 10 JV teams will be competing at home. Our 45 dedicated coaches are holding daily practices to ensure we are ready for the competition!

In addition to building skills, our campers are fostering new relationships and learning the importance of teamwork and collaboration. The feedback from both campers and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, with many campers expressing newfound confidence and joy in their chosen sports. We are so proud of their participation and dedication! Read for yourself what some of our amazing campers have to say about sports at Camp Ramah New England:

“Sports at camp foster community and bring people together.” — Avital, Nivonim

“The athletic program at Camp Ramah is a good way to allow people to let their energy out without being disruptive.” — Ariella, Nivonim

“The relationships that you form in sports teams are the most special ones you create at camp.” — Vivi, Nivonim

“I get the opportunity to connect to different edot at camp and spend time with new people.” — Ella, Nivonim

“Sports are a great way to get exercise and release built up energy at camp.” — Eitan, Machon

“I love sports at camp because they allow me to connect with other edot and use communication and collaboration in a creative and fun environment. I feel like sports at camp are a great opportunity to learn. I have tried two new sports at camp and I have learned so much from the coaches and other campers.” — Becca, Machon

“Sports are important because they make you really active and they are really fun to play at camp.” — Abraham, Shoafim

“Sports chugim are very fun to do because you get to play with your friends.” — Izzy, Shoafim

“Sports are really exciting and promote teamwork.” — Yonatan, Shoafim

“Sports are so fun at Camp Ramah because we get to be outdoors and I like how sunny it is when we do them.” — Emmett, Kochavim

“Sports teach me to never give up because if you give up you won’t get better.” — Nora, Amitzim

“Sports at camp help me get better and they are lots of fun with a lot of kind people.” — Elisha, Solelim

“You can play almost any sport you can think of at camp!” — Gabe, Solelim

“I have trouble going to sleep every night in anticipation for the sports I’ll play the next day.” — Harvey, Solelim

“Sports are fun and a great part of camp life.” — Asher, Ilanot

“I love sports at camp because I can play with all of my friends.” — Benny, Ilanot

“I love sports the most, they teach you not to boast.” — Ozzie, Ilanot

“Sports are super cool. They belong at Camp Ramah. I really like them.” — Aud, Kochavim

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