Camp Ramah Sasson Inaugural Weekend for Families Facing the Challenges of Childhood Cancer

Ramah New England is excited to welcome our first cohort of families to Camp Ramah Sasson (Joy) on April 12-14, 2024 to our beautiful campus in Western MA. This trailblazing initiative aims to provide comfort, support, and an immersive Jewish experience for families facing the challenges of childhood cancer. Through a combination of Shabbat celebration, outdoor fun, and therapeutic activities, Camp Ramah Sasson will provide a nurturing environment for families to come together and forge lasting connections with each other and to the greater Jewish community.

Through the celebration of Shabbat, traditional camp fun, therapeutic activities, and a supportive environment, Camp Ramah Sasson seeks to bring all the members of a family together,  and provide them with a respite from the daily struggles associated with childhood cancer. Participants will also have opportunities to attend separate programs designed specifically to meet the very different emotional needs of parents, siblings and children living with cancer. 

Camp Ramah Sasson extends an open invitation to Jewish families that have children in cancer treatment or have recently completed treatment. This program is free of charge to all participating families.

We also continue to look for community partners to help spread the word and recruit families for this unique retreat experience. We are also recruiting camp counselors and medical, therapeutic, and educational professionals who would like to volunteer to staff this life-changing weekend.

For more information about Camp Ramah Sasson, inquire about enrollment or volunteer to staff this incredible weekend, please go to