Camp-Wide Havdallah

The chanichim (campers) gathered on the tzad aleph (a side) beach area by the agam (waterfront) for a very special Havdallah service. There was beautiful singing, there was one main havdallah candle lit and then each Rosh Eidah (head of the specific age group) came up to light their havdallah candles from the original one. There were sweet cinnamon spices passed around and grape juice was sipped as we said goodbye to Shabbat and welcomed in a new week at Machaneh Ramah. As the glow of the moon was reflected on the agam and the whole camp sang out in unison it made it very easy to believe in magic, the sort of magical moments that are experienced in summer camp, surrounded by best friends and amazing tzevet (staff). How lucky are our chanichim to spend their summers filled with these moments, the ones that they carry with them for a lifetime. Shavua Tov!

Hinei El yeshuati, evtach velo efchad, ki ozi vezimrat yah, Adonai vayehili liyeshuah. Ushavtem mayim besasson mima’anei hayeshuah. La’Adonai hayeshuah, al amcha virchatecha, selah. Adonai tzeva’ot imanu, misgav lanu, Elohay Ya’akov, selah. Adonai tzeva’ot, ashray adam botayach bach. Adonai hoshi’ah, hamelech ya’anaynu veyom koraynu. Layehudim hayetah orah vesimcha vesason vikar. Kain tehiyeh lanu. Kos yeshuot esa uveshaym Adonai ekrah. 

Behold, God is my savior, I will trust God and not be afraid, for my strong faith and song of praise for God will be my salvation. You will draw water joyously from the wellsprings of salvation. Salvation is the God’s; may Your blessing rest upon Your people. God of the heavenly armies is with us; the Lord of Ya’akov is a fortress protecting us. God of the heavenly armies, happy is the individual who trusts You. God, redeem us! The King will answer us on the day we call God. The Jews had light, happiness, joy and honor; may we have the same. I will raise the cup of salvation and call out in the name of the God.

Want to listen to the songs we sing at Havdallah? Click the link below and sing along with us!