Camp-Wide Havdallah!

On Saturday night the entire machaneh (camp) gathered in the horshah (grove) for camp-wide havdallah!

This is one of our very favorite traditions at Camp Ramah in New England.  We divide the horshah into pie-wedges, and each edah circles up in their wedge, with their own havdallah candle, besamim (spices) and grape juice in the center of their ma’agal (circle).

Our terrific shira/music staff led the camp in havdallah.  Pictured here are visiting shira/music specialist Elie Greenberg, along with Visiting Educator Oren Kaunfer.  They were joined by shira tzevet-member Micah Pickus, and various other tzevet-members!

Oren actually wrote our Camp Ramah in New England havdallah tune!!  So it was a pleasure having him back with us leading havdallah.  Here is the full story of our havdallah melody:

In the center of the camp, Rabbi Gelb held aloft a giant havdallah candle from Yerushalayim!