Debating Star Wars – Facebook Live!

On Monday, April 13, Ramahniks were treated to an epic Facebook event – Debating Star Wars! Rabbi Ed Gelb, Assistant Director Josh Edelglass, Aryeh Kalender and Andy Weissfeld (both long-time Ramah Palmer rashei edot and learned Star Wars scholars) participated in this spirited Star Wars discussion, addressing critical questions posed by the viewers such as:

In which order should a first-time viewer experience Star Wars?

Favorite Star Wars movie?

First Star Wars memory?

Greatest Star Wars moment?

All four participants agreed that a first-time viewer should experience Star Wars in order of its release, though Josh also favors what’s known as the “machete” order (Star Wars, Empire, then Episodes I-III, then Return of the Jedi). Rabbi Gelb fondly remembered watching the original Star Wars movie in the movie theater and was blown away by the ground-breaking visual effects. Josh’s first viewing of the original Star Wars movie was on a home-taped VHS, which was missing some critical footage due to static from the antennae! Andy’s first Star Wars experience was Attack of the Clones and Aryeh’s was Revenge of the Sith.

When asked what their greatest Star Wars moment/visual was, Josh shared that he will never forget seeing the trailer for The Phantom Menace (though actually seeing the finished film in the theater was a huge disappointment to him). The trailer for Disney’s revival of the Clone Wars series was Andy’s greatest Star Wars high. For Aryeh it was going to the Smithsonian Theater opening weekend of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, both because the movie was amazing but also because he witnessed a man, dressed as Darth Vader, proposing to his girlfriend! For Rabbi Gelb, it’s all about the cultivating of relationships, specifically the Han Solo and Princess Leia love story.

Click here to view Debating Star Wars in its entirety. It’s a mustsee!

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