director-ACA update

We’re back after a short hiatus.  Sorry about that.  We had a thunderstorm two nights ago that knocked down our internet.  We got the new part we needed and we’re up and running. 

I’m proud to report that yesterday the American Camp Association accreditation team made their visit and we are on track to pass with flying colors.  This is something that we do every three years.  Josh Edelglass, our program director, spearheads this monumental task.  Yasher Koach.

On the tour of the camp with the team it was really nice to see them watch in amazement all our specialty areas.  They felt that our archery and adventure course program was wonderful.   The lead visitor is an expert in archery and told me we had a really top notch teacher.  She was talking about our mishlachat member, Alex Moskovich. 

They also were really impressed with nagarut, wood working.  They felt the projects were of very high caliber.  Ron Eckshtein has been our guy for many years. 

Additionally, they spot interviewed campers along the way and found the kids to be happy and funny. 

Finally, they really impressed with our dining hall.  They couldn’t believe the number of meals we put out and how complicated it is to be a Kosher camp.

Kol Hakavod to the whole staff!

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