Director-Color War and Six Flags

Ok, sometimes camp gets so busy our heads begin to swim.  The third week crescendo has begun leading into the 4th week climax of first session. 

Last night, our oldest campers (Nivonim) broke color war (Yom Sport) during my speech to the whole camp about how our trip to Six Flags is going to work today (Wednesday).  The theme centered around arresting me and an argument as to the Constitutionality of doing that.  The teams are Secret Service, Police, Fireman and Tzahal.  The idea has something to do with gratitude to these four safety providers with a competition as to who is best.  Kind of confusing but fun.  Anyway, the kids will be divided into four teams and the games will truly begin on Thursday.  Yasher Koach to Nivnonim on pulling off a huge surprise.  For a little while some campers thought that Six Flags was a joke and that Yom Sport was replacing it.  Don’t worry, we explained it all.

Today we go to Six Flags.  The whole camp will spend the day enjoying rides and the water park.  We’ve never sent the whole camp to one place before but feel it should be fun and safe.  We will be taking three nurses with us and we have a shaded pavilion all day as a central meeting point.  The kids will be in small groups with their counselors.  The park has allowed us to bring our own food so Kashrut won’t be an issue.  I have emphasized hats, water and sunscreen!

Ok, I’m off to get ready.   

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