Director-insider’s look

Running a small city of over 700 people that serves 6 meals a day (two seatings for each meal) and a pretty intense program is very exciting and challenging.  This blog post is a little inside look on some of the things we do to make this happen.

Communication is the key.  Camp runs on a very consistent structured program.  However, from time to time, changes do happen.  That’s where the fun begins.  For example, if we change the time of dinner because of a play that is happening, we need to let everyone know.  If we forget to tell one department, people not only don’t know, but they get upset.

To help make everything run more smoothly we have created leadership teams that meet on a regular basis to go over calendar, debrief past events, and plan future ones.  On Mondays and Thursdays I meet with the heads of departments (the different specialty areas like waterfront).  Daily, I meet with the division heads.  Weekly, we bring both groups together to look at the week ahead.  This allows for better communication and working relationships. 

Yes there are a lot of meetings.  However, that’s what it takes to make the camp run smoothly.

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