Elevating the Tzad Bet experience with Kishroniyah!

At Ramah New England, it’s important to us that the camp experience grows and changes with our chanichim (campers) as they grow up at camp. We also strive to give kids opportunities for high-level, specialized experiences at camp, in which they can dig deeply into areas where they have interest.

One of the ways we accomplish both of these goals is with our Kishroniyah program, a centerpiece of our second-session programming for our Tzad Bet (B-Side) campers!

Kishroniyah comes from the Hebrew word Kisharon, or “talent.” For a week during our second session, we invite specialists in a wide variety of fields to join us at camp to run intensive multi-day programs for our Tzad Bet campers. These programs are high-level offerings that give our chanichim a chance to engage in an intensive way with the program that best fits their personal interests and skills. Kishroniyah runs over four days for Machon and Nivonim campers, and over three days for Magshimim and Bogrim campers.

Many of our favorite long-time group leaders will be back at camp this summer for Kishroniyah:
• Ami Margolis, one of the most talented Jewish song-leaders in North America, will be back to run an a cappella workshop!

• Coach Dave Brown and coaches from the basketball stars of NY will be back to run a basketball workshop, and Coaches Rick and Alex Atkins will be back to run an Ultimate frisbee workshop!

• Local artist Bruce Rosenbaum will return for Steampunkinetics, and Sandra Ostroff will return for a jewelry workshop!

• Filmmaker (and author of the graphic novel José and the Pirate Captain Toledano) Arnon Shorr will return to run a movie-making workshop, and Tova Speter will return to create another sure-to-be gorgeous mural with her mural workshop participants!

• Phil Glick will return to run a robotics workshop!

We are excited to announce several brand-new offerings, including:
• A stained-glass workshop, in which participants will get to create beautiful pieces of stained-glass art!

• A make-your-own musical program, in which participants will create, write and perform their own original musical!

We also have some special programs for Machon and Nivonim, including a lifeguard certification course, a pickleball workshop (run by returning coach Addam Shand), and a podcasting workshop (run by Micah Hart, host of the popular Who Knows One? game-show)!

Not to confine all this fun to Tzad Bet, several of our Kishroniyah specialists also offer special programs for our Tzad Aleph campers during their time at camp.

We’re excited for another amazing Kishroniyah program when the second session arrives…!