Evelyn Comes to Six Flags!


Despite all odds, tzad aleph triumphantly brought Evelyn Dragat Rubenstein and her energetic spirit to Six Flags! Throughout the day, as the chanichim (campers) were sliding down water rides, racing up roller coasters, and concocting their favorite ice cream blends, they also competed in an Evelyn Scavenger Hunt.  They took pictures and videos of themselves throughout the day completing various tasks relating to Evelyn.  They took selfies with cartoon characters, pictures in front of Evelyn’s favorite rides, and videos of themselves asking Six Flags employees to state their favorite thing about Evelyn.  It was incredible to see how much they know and care about her already! We can’t wait to see what Evelyn Game tomorrow will bring.  As always, may the Evelyn be ever in your favor.

Categories: Ilanot, Kochavim, Shoafim, Solelim