Exciting News about our Sports Program!

At Camp Ramah, whether you are an athlete or a sports enthusiast, we want you to have multiple opportunities to shine; to have fun and challenge yourself to build skills! We are excited to share our plans to elevate our sports program for kayitz (summer) ‘24 with new facility investments and more opportunities for campers to learn and compete at a high level.

We are excited to announce the renovation of our Tzad Bet (B-Side) sports area, which will be completed prior to this summer. The tennis, basketball, and hockey courts will be completely reconstructed with new surfaces, nets, fencing, and backboards. This project will not only improve our street hockey, basketball, and tennis facilities, but it will also allow us to integrate a new favorite, pickleball, into our program!


The goal of our daily sports chugim (electives) is to offer campers both the opportunity to try a new sport for the first time and to build advanced skills and techniques to improve their game in the sports they love. This summer, we are excited to ramp up our sports chugim by bringing in, for the first time since Covid, an exciting group of professional sports coaches to complement and enhance the work of our counselors and specialists. These visiting sports coaches will work with campers of all ages, bringing their professional skills, mentorship, and coaching strategies to our program. In addition to some coaches who will join our regular two-week chug rotations, we will also offer opt-in workshops on special days, for campers interested in more intensive skill-building opportunities. Check out this highlight of some of our amazing sports chugim below!


In addition to high level training, sports at Camp Ramah are about teamwork, sportsmanship, and a love of the game. As such, we want campers to have multiple opportunities to compete throughout the summer with a variety of teams and opponents, beyond just the Yom Roo that we know and love. We are working now on scheduling tournaments and entering competitions that will allow our teams to compete at multiple points over the course of the summer. We are also planning to host some competitions and tournaments at home.

Yom Roo
We are happy to continue our partnership with Ramah Berkshires in holding Yom Roo, which we know is a highlight of the kayitz for so many of our Tzad Bet campers. Our year-round team is already coordinating with the Ramah Berkshires leadership to ensure a competitive, safe, and fun day of competitions. In addition, we are exploring potential additions to the ROO program that could include some non-competitive-sports options for interested campers. Please look out for a survey coming soon for Tzad Bet campers; we want our campers’ input on these new ideas.

We’re excited for these new sports initiatives for kayitz ’24. We’re counting the days until the summer!



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