Exploring Bnei Mitzvah with Nivonim!


On Sunday night, Solelim invited the Nivonimers on the programming leadership track to peulat erev. They had worked hard to plan a fun, goal-oriented program for us, revolving around the theme of Bar and Bat Mitzvah. The peulah (activity) involved a rotation around 5 stations: mad libs, Bar/Bat Mitzvah games, tfillin wrapping, target throwing with candy, and a more serious discussion about what it means to go through the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process. Our Solelimers had a blast, and the Nivonimers really enjoyed both planning and executing a program for the first time! Yasher Koach!!

Filling out mad libs!
Solelimers with Nivonimer, Zmira Stouber!
Playing limbo!


Learning how to wrap tfillin creatively by using fruit by the foot!

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