Family Thoughts: Bringing the Ruach of Camp into the Winter

In these cold winter months, it can often feel like the kayitz (summer) will never arrive. All we can dream of is playing frisbee on the migrash (field), swimming and playing on the water toys in the agam (lake), and hanging out with our best friends in our tzrif (bunk). Yet, with the cold weather, it can sometimes be hard to bring the Ruach of Ramah into our lives.

In my role working year-round for Ramah, I have the joy of bringing Ramah to many of our communities during the Winter. From Ramah Shabbat programs with partner synagogues, to staff recruitment fairs at nearby universities, I see members of our Ramah family in their home communities eagerly counting down the days until they return to Palmer, Massachusetts.

In this edition of Family Thoughts, I want to pass along my version of The Perfect Ruach Ramah Winter Day! As Yamei Sheleg (snow days) come, and school is cancelled, we all know it’s time to begin thinking about Kayitz 2020! Check out my proposed day below, and remember its totally customizable to the fun activities we do at Ramah each kayitz. Enjoy!

The Perfect Ruach Ramah Winter Day!

Kima (wakeup)

Boker tov! Hafta’ah (surprise), it’s a snow day! Get ready – a full day of Ramah activities to get ready for the kayitz!

Aruchat Boker: Egg in Hole

Our most popular options for Aruchat Boker at camp are Pancakes and Waffles – feel free to make those! But, if you are looking for a real challenge, try to make an Egg in a Hole – a fan favorite of our Pinat Teva outdoor education program. Other names for Egg in a Hole include Rocky Mountain Toast and Egg in a Basket!

Morning Chug I: Sport

Fresh snow, fresh snow! Get your winter gear on and head outside to play in the snow. Extra points if you make your madrichim (counselors) out of snow!

Morning Chug II: Omanut

After being outside, it is time to warm up, drink some hot chocolate, and do some Omanut (arts & crafts). Check out some of these super awesome winter-themed art projects that you can do!

Aruchat Tzohorayim: Pizza!

Chef Sean and his whole team in the Chadar Ochel make amazing food! Now it’s your turn to give it a shot! Try out making some Pizza for Aruchat Tzohorayim! I suggest this super fun recipe. Cool fact: Sean and his team serve almost 900 people at every meal at camp ! Kol Hakavod Sean!

Menucha (Rest time)

As we know, every winter snow day deserves some rest time. More importantly, you deserve it! Kick up your feet and enjoy some relaxation before you get back to all the fun!

Afternoon Chug I : Bishul!

Bishul (Cooking) is one of our most popular chugim at camp every kayitz! For our Tzad-Bet chanichim, they have the chance to learn from our long-time Kishroniyah specialist Paula Shoyer. Check out all the amazing recipes from Paula’s website online

Afternoon Chug II: Video

Today has been such a great day, but you don’t want it to go to waste! Take out a phone or camera and let your creative juices roll. Need some inspiration? Check out our Camp Ramah Vimeo account for videos from throughout the year. Make sure you post your video on Facebook and tag Ramah Palmer!

Aruchat Erev

There is never enough food in a day at Camp! For dinner, its DIY. Choose a family favorite recipe, a new treat from your parents’ cookbook, or even a recipe you found online. Have fun – the snow day is almost over!

Peulat Erev: Zimkudiyah!

Its showtime! In anticipation for Kayitz 2020 let’s throw it back to last kayitz’s Zimkudiyah. Practice your shira (singing) and rikud (dancing) – you never know when you’ll need to know these songs again! Check out our Spotify playlist to help you out!

Lilah Tov

If you made it this far in the Yom Ruach Ramah, you must be exhausted! We hope you had a great day thinking about the kayitz and doing some of your favorite Ramah activities. For now, its time to say the Shema and go to sleep. Lilah Tov!