Fantastic Friday!


On Friday all of camp participated in Boker Tzrif. This is a great occasion for the tzrifim to take part in the various activities around camp together, an opportunity for bunk bonding, I saw many tzrifim cheering each other on at the Alpine tower, making beautiful bunk plaques and lots of campers and staff playing in the Agam.  Not only was everyone having such an awesome morning, it also happened to be one of the most beautiful days of the summer.

After lunch, Tzad Aleph had YOM FOAM! Let me just say it was totally AWESOME! The Palmer Fire Department comes up to camp and sprays the field with foam. All the campers had so much fun. I heard from many that it was the best  day of camp.  I loved seeing all the smiles and excitement that was around. It was all followed by a beautiful Shabbat. 

Enjoy a few pictures. Keep checking back in as we have a really exciting last week planned. 

Foam. Second Session. 6

Foam. Second session.2

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