Finally a Nivonim Update!

Greetings from the Kfar!

It has been a long time and Nivonim has done a lot since my lost blog. We had a wonderful Shabbat full of songs and sports and walking (ask the kids about it). We then had our Niv trip!

We left for the Cape on Monday morning and spent the day on the beach and then at a baseball game, concluding the day with a barbeque and pool party at the Cape house of Ben Cantor’s family (again many many thanks to them for their hospitality). For many of us it was a treat to be out of camp with our friends and for many of us it was amazing to be in the ocean and feel the peace and joy of the beach. Monday was said by many to be one of the best days of the summer! Tuesday we met with a few logistical and meteorological hurdles but between riverboat cruises and Harry Potter in the evening I am confident that good times, and even a little education, were had by all. Wednesday saw breakfast in a park and then some free time in downtown Boston to enjoy breakdancers and maybe a little shopping.

Now we are kicking back and getting ready for a much needed Shabbat of rest and relaxation. You will hear more from me on the other side of Shabbat!

All the best,


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