First Day Kochavim Mini-Daled is Awesome!

Kochavim Mini-Daled started off with everyone moving into the tzrifim (bunks) and getting settled. We then went with our tzrifim (bunks) to do special getting to know you programming and learn about what life is like at Machane Ramah. We got a tour of our chadar ochel (dining hall) and had a delicious first lunch. After that, we went to our chugim, swam at the agam, and then cooked and sang during Tarbut Yisrael (Israeli Culture). We had so much fun! After our cookout, we got to know the whole entire edah and learned Rad HaHayom, the camp lullaby. All was so much fun on our first day and we can’t wait for day two tomorrow! See some pictures below!

Photo Aug 09, 8 05 12 PM Photo Aug 09, 5 19 41 PM Photo Aug 09, 5 53 31 PM

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