Focus on: Magshimim Honorees & Tzedaka

Two chanichim (campers) in adat-haMagshimim made a significant decision prior to their B’nei Mitzva celebrations to direct donations to 2 charitable funds for the benefit of Ramah Palmer.  Nathan Gerson chose the Tikvah Program as his designated fund, and Aviva Blumenthal chose the Scholarship Fund as her designated fund.  These funds support the good works of the Tikvah program, as well as those chanichim who need financial assistance to enable them to attend camp.  Nathan and Aviva were honored this Sunday for their generosity and philanthropy.  Their parents and grandparents were included as well, as it is clear that the chanichim learned the mitzvot of generosity and tzedaka at home, and made the decision to establish these funds after consultation with their parents.  They were each presented with a beautiful framed certificate of appreciation, a baseball cap, and a red string Palmer bag.  Making the presentation was Mindy Goldstein, on Palmer’s year-round tzevet (staff) serving as our Director of Annual Campaign and Alumni Relations.   Also present for the ceremony were proud grandparents  Joanne and Steve Peck, grandparents of Aviva, and Sandra and Bryan Gerson, parents of Nathan.    It was a very busy and special morning! In addition to honoring these 2 chanichim, the chanichim and tzevet were all decked out in their Roo (sports competition vs. Ramah Berkshires) finery and regalia at the early hour of 8:45 AM for t’fila.  The Roo excitement was palpable!

This was the chanich who most capably served as shaliach tzibur (prayer leader), below, middle; Yasher Koach!

Our venerable Rosh Edah Maddie G., in her Roo Regalia, is pictured, below left:

Bryan and Sandra Gerson, parents of Nathan, below left:

It was the Pecks’ first visit to Palmer ever, and they enjoyed Shabbat and Sunday with their daughter Lisa Blumenthal, of our Inclusion Program tzevet, and their 3 grandchildren who are chanichim.  They were impressed by the robust singing, ruach, and the kindness and hachnasat orchim (hospitality) of the Palmer community members.  Joanne and Steve Peck, grandparents of Aviva, below left; Lisa Blumenthal, mother of Aviva, below right:

Mindy presented the honorees, explained why it was so helpful to have ongoing support for these types of funds, and publicly expressed appreciation for their generosity.  Mindy, making the presentations:

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