Bechirot (Free Choice Time)! Yes! Tzad Bet

After these first 2 weeks of first session at Palmer, lest you be left with the false impression that we are always engaged in back-to-back activity without any down time, take a “time out” with us as we leisurely stroll around Tzad Bet as sundown approaches.  Savor these fun, mellow images from the scheduled Bechirot (free choice) time, right before aruchat erev (dinner).

A mellow, leisurely Ping pong match took place between Maor, Rosh Adat Machon and a Magshimim chanich (camper), above.

Our Rosh Agam (Head of Lakefront) and Rosh Mishlachat (Head of the Israeli Delegation) Rotem happily frolics with her daughters Lotem (7 1/2) and Tamar (3 1/2):