Friends of Tikvah Teach Baking, Storytelling and Dance!


Many people come each summer to see Tikvah in action—prospective parents, funders, educators, former staff members and friends who want to share a talent or skill. This summer, we have been blessed with three visitors who came to teach.

Chef Paula Shoyer comes each year to share cooking and baking skills at kishronia, a skill-building workshop for older campers. Despite working hard all day long, Paula always has some extra energy for members of voc ed, our vocational training program. Members of our program bake hundreds of cookies, cupcakes, cakes and other treats in our voc ed bakery. Thanks to Paula, we can now add scones to our repertoire!  Shoyer2Shoyer3

Local educator, author and storyteller, Amy Meltzer, soon to be presented with the Covenant Award, was kind enough to join Tikvah during our medura, our weekly Thursday night campfire. Campers had read her book, A Mezuzah on the Door, earlier in the summer. What a treat to have her read aloud, present and sign a copy of The Shabbat Princess for our campers!  Amy Meltzer1Meltzer3

Former camper, Sierra Weiss, shared her love of dance and inclusion through a several day dance workshop some of our peer mentors. Sivan Rose Elefson, a dance and movement psychotherapist, worked with our group throughout the week and taught us a dance which we presented for the entire camp at Tikvah Shabbat, We LOVE the red Dance4Empowerment shirts!  Dance3Dance5Dance shirts

We LOVE having visitors in Tikvah, and it is always fun to learn from so many different teachers. Thanks for sharing your time and talents!




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