Fun at the Agam (Lake): What a Blast!

The Agam (lake), which can be seen and enjoyed from almost anywhere in camp, is the heart of our camp home. From early morning boating to occasional late-night beach-front events – like our July 4th fireworks – the Agam plays a central role in camp life. Early in the morning, the sunrise over the Agam is breathtaking. Later in the morning, during tefilot, Solelim (in the amphitheater) and Shoafim (on the Bet Am Aleph mirpeset/porch) enjoy gorgeous views overlooking the Agam. Throughout the day and into the evening, the Agam is busy with scheduled regularly scheduled activities, and the occasional special event, like an edah (unit) beach party, or the recent Yom Roo swim competition.

Chanichim (campers) have frequent opportunities to enjoy schiyah (swimming), sirot (boating), and our always popular Water Park. These activities are overseen by Rotem Ad-Epsztein (Rosh Agam) and Bruce Stanger (Rosh Sirot). As Rotem emphasizes, this summer, the chanichim eagerly wait at the gate and are so motivated to spend time in the water – especially when the weather is beautiful, as it has been for the last several weeks. The chanichim are always having a blast at the Water Park, with its numerous inflatable toys, Rotem notes. Rotem is grateful for the Nivonimers who completed their lifeguard training during intersession as part of Kishroniyah; they have been a great addition to the waterfront staff over the last few weeks.

Bruce, who has been a part of the sirot staff for many years, is always excited to introduce new chanichim to the thrill of boating. He begins by building the chanichim’s confidence in their life jackets. He then moves on to teach paddling – which includes a scavenger hunt and other fun games – and how to right a canoe.

Bruce tells a poignant story of a young chanich who chose sirot for his chug, but admitted that he was frightened of boating. Once Bruce taught the chanich to paddle a kayak and went with him across the Agam, it changed the chanich’s outlook about the water and gave him the confidence to pursue something he wanted to do. “It was wonderful, Captain Bruce,” the chanich said after learning to kayak.


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