G-dcast and Tikvah Join Forces at Camp Ramah in New England!


I have always enjoyed G_dcast and found these short animated videos useful for teaching students about the weekly Torah portion, Bible stories and holidays.  Now, thanks to the generosity of the Covenant Foundation, we are able to bring Jeanne Stern of G_dcast to Camp Ramah in New England for kishronia, and for some special evenings with Amitzim campers and members of the vocational training program.  On Monday, Jeanne came to our voc  ed building to work with the 13 enthusiastic members of our program. “I asked them to each make a character, a super hero. Some of them went more for super villain, but that’s ok! Then, they had to make a background (if they had time) and animate their character interacting with another character. A couple of them did the animation by themselves. If they didn’t know what to do I told them to have the characters dance or play with a ball.”  The results were amazing!

On Tuesday, Jeanne came to the Moadon Amitzim for an evening of fun with our 23 campers.  She began by asking them about their favorite animated movies—they sure had a lot to say!  One female camper ran to take a book off the shelf of our moadon which featured animation!  Campers sat by bunk at tables and on the floor throughout the room and decorated paper characters from the Purim story.  Cameras on tripods were set up throughout the room and counselors snapped ten photos as campers slowly “moved” their characters.

I have been lucky enough to see a “sneak preview” of the video Jeanne has made of the voc  eders.   If you happen to be in Palmer after b-side lunch tomorrow (Friday, 2:40-3:00 pm), you are invited to the “World Premiere” of the Tikvah G-dcast Animation Kishronia!  We are especially pleased to welcome our peer mentors and from the various b-side edot!


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