Golf Kishroniyah: Machon & Nivonim

The Machon and Nivonim participants in the Golf Kishroniyah gained skills and enjoyed themselves over these 3 days of intensive practice and play.  Their instructor, Adam Lehman (bio below) gave personalized instruction and support throughout.


Adam Lehman has been an active golfer and student of the game for more than four decades.  As a teenager, Adam competed as a golfer, and he continues to compete at a club level.  He has gained a well-rounded appreciation for different modes of golf instruction, including approaches geared toward beginner and novice golfers.  He recently completed a training program at the famed Leadbetter Golf Academy World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  Adam will combine technical golf knowledge, cross-training techniques (drawn from related sports), fun games and patience to help new and developing golfers acquire both fundamental golf skills and an ability to enjoy the golf experience.  When Adam is not golfing, he serves as Chief Operating Officer of Hillel International.  He is a member of an “all-in” Camp Ramah family: this summer his younger daughter Jessica will be a Nivonim camper, his older daughter Dahlia will be a first year counselor, and his wife Belinda currently serves as President of the Camp Ramah of New England Board of Directors.

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