GREASE Rehearsals!

For the past week, Nivonim 2013 has been working very hard on preparing for our machazemer (musical): GREASE! The entire edah is involved in the show, either as characters in the play, pink ladies and t-birds, or as dancers in one of our three all-edah songs and dances. The chanichim have proven to be incredibly talented, determined, and hardworking over the course of many hours of rehearsal this week.


For one particular peulah (activity), the chanichim were split up into different groups to choreograph sections of our edah song and dance. The last song of our show Kulanu Yachad (We Go Together) is sure to be a hit! Check out one of our rehearsals below:

(Note: the video itself is a little dark because the rehearsal was at night, but the voices still sound great. Take a listen!)



GREASE Rehearsal!

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