Great Tzrif (Bunk) Moments From Across Camp!

At Machaneh Ramah, we feel that the main kehillah (community) for our hanichim (campers) — at least until they reach the older edot — is the tzrif (bunk).  We work hard to create the best tzrif experience we can for every one of our hanichim.  Here are some great tzrif moments from across camp from last week, as reported by our madrichim and rashei edah:

KOCHAVIM:  On Thursday night, tzrif 33 had a special surprise planned. At night, we dressed up in all black and crept silently out of the tzrif to meet up with the one and only Josh Edelglass (Assistant Director)!! We got to play a very fun game of Nigh Stalker. Here’s how the game works: Josh stands on one side of the migrash, while our task was to sneak across the pitch black migrash without him hearing or seeing us. The object of the game is to touch him with two hands without getting caught and sent back to the beginning of the migrash. Even though we didn’t defeat Josh in the game, we all had a blast!!!

ILANOT: This week tzrif 10 had a great Peulat Tzrif (bunk activity) – they held an engaging and meaningful discussion about stereotypes and prejudices within our society. The hanichim (campers) were given a picture of leading people in different societies and had to say whatever came to their mind when they first saw the picture (one example was of Moshe Dayan – “he is a pirate”). Then they held a discussion about what we think when we first see a person or hear his/her name or accent. The hanichim also connected the subject to their own tzrif, and how they can best live together and bond together as a tzrif. All of the hanichim were amazing during the peulah – they had so much fun and learned a lot!

SOLELIM: Tzrif 8 has been all about “The Olympics”!  So far during the summer we have created a flag, an anthem and a pledge for our tzrif.  We have also played some group activities and stressed the importance of being a team. We are a team in the Olympics and we always work together. Moving forward we have more team-building activities and we will face other tzrifim in some competitive Olympic games to see who will be triumphant!

SHOAFIM: Tzrif 19 had an awesome peulat tzrif (bunk activity) at the end of the week! We played the spider web game where everyone complimented another person in the circle while passing out a ball of string. Our peulah ended with everyone cutting the string and making their own tzrif 19 bracelet to wear for the rest of the kayitz (summer) and beyond! It was such a fun and bonding peulah together!



AMITZIM: Every night before bed-time, each tzrif receives a harga’ah (a night-time story or other quieting-down activity) from their madrichim. Tzrif 83 has had the great privilege of hearing a story from their madrich Eli Rachlin, every night. This story is a 12 chapter story all made up by Eli with the help of the hanichim. While Eli is telling the story, he will pause and ask for the hanichim to fill in the blank of the story. All of the hanichim look forward to this every night. Tzrif 83 just finished their 12 chapter story and have now started the second story of the kayitz. This special harg’aah has really brought together all of the hanichim in Tzrif 83!

MAGSHIMIM: As we all know, one of the most coveted prizes at Machaneh Ramah is the title of “Cleanest Tzrif.” This past week, Rabbi Gelb and Josh Edelglass went through all the tzrifim and made notes about how the hanichim were doing in terms of their nikayon. Each tzrif was then given a grade. Magshimim is proud to report that the cleanest tzrif is… (drumroll, please)… 41!! A huge mazel tov to all the girls of Tzrif 41 and their madrichot for pushing them to keep the tzrif neat and tidy! As a reward for their hard-work, the hanichot of the tzrif voted to receive a prize of Charmin toilet paper:-) The prize has been purchased from WalMart and delivered to the tzrif – a well-deserved prize for a very clean tzrif!

BOGRIM: Tzrif 60 has adopted a new member! Pooh, a stuffed animal replica of the famous honey-eating bear, receives a lot of tender loving care as the official mascot of the tzrif. Each day, Pooh gets assigned a caretaker, who was elected as the previous day’s MVP. The caretaker watches over him during tefillot, makes sure he wears a kippah during meals, and takes him to all his chugim. On Shabbat, Pooh was very excited for challah!

MACHON: Earlier in the week, tzrif 39 snuck out to the beit knesset and had a great night hanging out as a tzrif. They watched a couple episodes of Friends and ate popcorn.  They whole tzrif was huddling together and laughing as our lovable ’90s Friends struggled through their problems.  It was a memorable night for the banot (boys)!

NIVONIM: Nivonim had the opportunity for a wonderful harga’ah on Thursday night with the amazing Ami Margolis (who was in camp last week as one of our high-level Kishroniyah specialists).  With a mix of songs that were new and ones that we knew well, it was fantastic to hear such a talented musician.  Sitting out under the stars on the grass, it was a blast to be all together for this harga’ah.

The above stories are just a handful of the amazing tzrif moments that happen every day, in every tzrif, here at Machaneh Ramah!

Shavuah tov, everyone!  Have a great new week!