Hanhallah 2021!

We are pleased to announce this our extraordinary hanhallah — our Rashei Edot (division heads) for our overnight camp in Palmer for kayitz (summer) 2021!  (Scroll to the bottom of this post for a guide to our edah names and the grades to which they correspond.)

Program Staff-Member Sarah Monderer: My name is Sarah Monderer, but I go by Smond! This is going to be my fourteenth kayitz at camp and my sixth on tzevet (staff)! I’m returning to programming staff and could not be more excited. I currently work at the Rashi School as a fourth grade assistant teacher. When I’m not working, I enjoy doing crossword puzzles and playing ultimate frisbee (when it’s safe to do so again)! L’hitraot b’Palmer!




Rosh Kochavim Emma Gelb: Hey Kochavim! My name is Emma and I am incredibly excited to be your Rosh Edah this kayitz! Camp is my second home and I can’t wait to return! This will be my sixteenth kayitz at camp, and my fifth year as a tzevet (staff) member in Kochavim. When the kayitz begins, I will have recently graduated Lesley University where I studied Early Childhood Education and Child, Youth, and Family Studies. I love dancing, singing, playing guitar, and making art which are all hobbies that began at camp. Kochavim is such a fun edah to be a part of, and is also the best edah in camp! I cannot wait to share the kayitz with all of you! L’hitraot b’Palmer!!!!


Rosh Ilanot Ianne Sherry: Shalom Ilanot! My name is Ianne Sherry and I am so excited to be Rosh Ilanot this kayitz! I started camp as an Ilanot hanicha (camper) waaay back in 2007. Since then I have worked as a madricha (counselor) in Ilanot for three summers and a Rosh Edah for two summers. I am so excited to come home to my favorite place and my favorite edah this summer. This will be my thirteenth summer at camp and my sixth summer in Ilanot. I am from Fairfax, Virginia, and when I am not at camp I am getting my Masters in Teaching at Brandeis University and student teaching at the Rashi School. Camp is my favorite place in the world, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. L’hitraot b’Palmer!!!


Rosh Solelim Dahlia Lehman: Hi! My name is Dahlia and I am a current senior at Washington University in St. Louis. My favorite foods are beets, Dunkin’ iced coffee, and Shabbos brownies from Camp! I am so excited to spend my thirteenth summer at camp as Rosh Solelim. In Hebrew, Solelim means “road pavers,” and I cannot wait to watch Solelim 2021 pave the way for an amazing kayitz!




Rosh Shoafim Shira Farbman: Shalom Shoafim! My name is Shira Farbman, and I am so excited to be your Rosh Edah for kayitz 2021! I am thrilled to be back at camp for my sixteenth kayitz with the best edah Machaneh Ramah has ever seen! This spring I am graduating from the Double Degree Program between Barnard College and the Jewish Theological Seminary. At camp you can find me singing by the medurah (campfire), playing on the basketball court, dancing in the chadar ochel (dining hall), or splashing on the fun water activities. I can’t wait to do all these incredible peulot (activities) and more with you as you lead Tzad Aleph (A-Side) with ruach (spirit) and kef (fun)! L’hitraot b’Palmer!


Rosh Amitzim Sole Sloan: Hey Hey Machaneh Ramah! I am Sole Sloan, Rosh Amitzim for kayitz 2021! I am currently finishing my senior year at the University of Vermont where I study Gender Studies and History. I like to bake, play frisbee, and hang out with my friends! I can’t wait for kayitz 2021!





Rosh Magshimim Shari Traiger: Hey Magshimim! My name is Shari Traiger and I am SO excited to be your Rosh Edah for kayitz 2021! This will be my fifteenth summer at camp, and after a long year apart, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. During my time not at camp, I am a student at UMass Amherst, where I am a senior studying biomedical engineering. Over this past year, I have enjoyed exploring the beautiful western mass area, baking challah, listening to lots of music, and visiting ten national parks with my family! As we return to Palmer, I am most excited for you all to experience the ruach of Tzad Bet (B-Side) for the very first time! I can’t wait to meet all of you, and I hope you’re getting ready for a kayitz full of kef and excitement! L’hitraot b’Palmer!

Rosh Bogrim Vered Ornstein: Hi everyone! My name is Vered, and I am so excited to spend the kayitz with Bogrim 2021! I was in Nivonim in 2014, and I graduated from the University at Albany in August with a degree in English and Communications. When I’m not working, I love to draw, watch TV, do puzzles, and talk to my friends. I can’t wait to be back at camp in just a few short months, since I’ve missed it so much!




Rosh Machon Emma Neusner: Hey Machon! I am so excited to be your Rosh Edah for kayitz 2021! This is my seventeenth kayitz at Ramah New England, my fifth as a Rosh Edah, and my second as an in-person Rosh Machon. I am currently getting my master’s degree in social work from Fordham Graduate School of Social Service, and working at QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community) in their housing advocacy and family support services programs. In my free time, you can find me running, dancing, and doing crafts! I am so excited to get back to camp for another kayitz with this awesome group!


Rosh Nivonim Andy Weissfeld:  Hi Nivonim!  I am beyond thrilled and excited to serve as Rosh Nivonim for kayitz 2021. This is my third year in the position (second year in-person) and my sixth summer working as a Rosh Edah at Camp Ramah New England. I am entering my fourth year of Rabbinical school at the Jewish Theological Seminary and went to University of Maryland for undergrad (Go Terps!). I grew up in Pittsburgh, and I still spends much of my free time rooting for the Pirates and Steelers. When I’m not busy with school or work, I also enjoy exercising, watching sci-fi TV and movies, playing video games, and baking artisan bread! I cannot wait to work with Nivonim 2021 to make this kayitz the best one yet!

Guide to Edah names:

Kochavim – current 2nd & 3rd graders (rising 3rd & 4th graders)

Ilanot – current 4th graders (rising 5th graders)

Solelim – current 5th graders (rising 6th graders)

Shoafim – current 6th graders (rising 7th graders)

Amitzim – multi-grade camper program for campers with disabilities

Magshimim – current 7th graders (rising 8th graders)

Bogrim – current 8th graders (rising 9th graders)

Machon – current 9th graders (rising 10th graders)

Nivonim – current 10th graders (rising 11th graders)