Highlight on Shira: Preparing for Shabbat Nachamu with Shoafim!


From Sally Heckelman, Rosh Shira (the head of our music program):

One of the highlights for me as Rosh Shira is teaching the edot their Shabbat songs when it’s their turn to present a tune to begin Kabbalah Shabbat. Each Shabbat, a different edah presents a song and a dance before the entire camp, before we begin our Kabbalat Shabbat t’fillot on Friday night.

On Monday morning this week, together with a group of Shoafim campers (who had learned the song from me the day before during our shira perek), I taught the whole edah “Im eskachech” (melody by Yaakov Shwekey) — a beautiful setting for these words we appropriately sing for Shabbat Nachamu. I was so moved by their singing !!!


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