Highlights of the Summer

This summer, our end-of-day staff meeting always began with the question, “what was a highlight of your day?” My highlight was seeing how many people eagerly raise their hand to share what they loved about camp.

Highlight examples included: a camper moved swim levels today; this camper tried Har Ramah (climbing tower) after being afraid; we had an impromptu dance party and everyone joined; our campers were so excited for Zimkudiyah that they practiced during hatif (snack); I overheard campers sing tefilot (prayers) while walking, and so many more.

While this end-of-day wrap up was fun, it was also very intentional.  Each morning, we began our day with tefilot, which was an opportunity for gratitude and acknowledging the gifts we are given. Bookending the day with this same awareness allowed us to stay present all day long with the joy of being at camp.

These highlights will be a memory instead of a daily occurrence.  We hope you will engage with us during the year and keep the highlights going.  Join us at a DC Day Camp Ramah reunion, post your favorite camp photos, or send us an email with your camper’s favorite memories.  And above all, we certainly hope you will join us again next summer for more joy and lasting memories.