Hiring our 2014 Mishlachat!


At the end of January, Rabbi Gelb, Josh Edelglass, and Talya Kalender spent a packed week in Israel, interviewing and hiring our hevrei mishlachat (delegation of Israeli staff) for kayitz (summer) 2014!

At Camp Ramah, we believe that a deep connection to the State of Israel, the land, and the people is part of our Conservative Jewish heritage. One of the ways we create those deep connections in our hanichim (campers) is through our amazing mishlachat.  While in Israel, Rabbi Gelb, Josh, and Talya — along with Rotem Ad-Epsztein, our wonderful Rosh Mishlachat — spent their days interviewing scores of amazing young Israeli staff candidates, all of whom were eager to share their love of Eretz Yisrael with our hanichim (campers). We selected a fantastic group from among those many candidates, and we can’t wait for everyone to meet them when kayitz 2014 arrives!

Here also is a photo of the Ramah New England delegation at the recent National Ramah Shabbaton in Jerusalem for Ramah alumni — Israeli and American — who are in Israel!

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