Ilanot 2016 – second week

So… our second week is coming to an end, and we are headed towards the third week of camp!

This week the chanichim (campers) started to feel more at home and comfortable at camp and in their tzrifim (bunks)!

This has been a packed week of fun!  We started off the week with a few days of chugim (elective activities), peulot edah and tzrif (division-wide and bunk activities), and all kinds of great programs! We had a peulah with Edat ha-Amitzim, a beach party at the agam, and finally- yesterday we went to Six Flags!!

All the kids had such a good time at Six Flags!  They got to go on scary rides, fun rides, water rides and everything else the park has to offer. They also had the chance to get some snacks and souvenirs form the park. But most importantly, they got to bond with their friends and just have a lot of fun!

Tonight we are having a big Medurah (camp-fire) — we will sing songs and make smores!

Here are a few pics from Six Flags:

IMG_5893 IMG_6070 IMG_6115 IMG_20160803_170928299

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