Ilanot 2nd Session is off to an exciting start!


Last night and this morning the buzz around Ilanot sounds something like this:

“This summer’s gonna be awesome!”

“I’m already signed up for next summer!”

“When’s Yom Foam? I can’t wait!”

“We get to go boating in the morning before the rest of camp wakes up? WOW!”

“T’fillot is so fun because I know so many of the songs!”

“I love making friends at camp!”

“I can’t wait for Shabbat!”

“My madrichim (counselors) are so cool!”

Last night, chanichim (campers) in Ilanot walked around camp becoming familiar with all of the beautiful spaces where we see kedusha (holiness) around us. We talked about how we make a place holy and what makes camp such a special place. We looked over the agam (lake) and sat in the amphitheater on tzad aleph and the tzad aleph gazebo.

Next, we each wrote down our goals and aspirations for the summer on small pieces of paper. These papers were collected and placed into a large plastic mezuzah and affixed on the doorpost of each tzrif (bunk).

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