Ilanot Agam (lake): On a Sunny Day, Fun and Swim Instruction!

All the members of our hardworking Tzevet Agam (lake staff, photo above), headed by Rosh Agam Liz Creditor, take very seriously their obligation to teach all our chanichim (campers) how to swim, and to help them advance from level to level toward the highest possible swimming proficiency.  They work long hours, in good cheer.  Their focus on safety is also paramount, day in day out.  And all this — while providing some respite from the heat, and tons of fun! Thank you Tzevet Agam! Below are our chanichim from Adat ha-Ilanot, as they enter the agam beach, get into their groups with their instructors, and finally get to dive, jump, climb, slide, cannonball, or otherwise enter the refreshing water.

The Talmud teaches:

קידושין כט, א

…האב חייב בבנו … וי”א אף להשיטו במים …

With respect to one’s child, a parent is obligated to…teach their child to swim…(Kiddushin 29a)

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