Ilanot Begins Yom Ramarniah!


Today is Yom Ramarniah in Ilanot! A day based on elements of the Chronicles of Narnia and learning about being a chanich/a at Machane Ramah, was design by edah tzevet to introduce chanichim to all that is magical at camp! Just like the children in the movie who enter the magical world of Narnia, we at camp are witness to magical things everyday! The chanichim and madrichim are on a journey to earn their place at Camp Ramah. As they began their journey today, they were each named "Ramaniks in Training." They recited T'filat Haderech together and went on their way!

As chanichim continue on their masa (journey), they will earn a line from the t'filat haderech to add to their shields that were awarded at the beginning of the day. These activities include:

An art project to earn the line, "May you send blessing in our every handiwork."

An obstacle course led by an Israeli Mishlachat member to earn the line, "that You lead us toward peace, and place our footsteps toward peace, guide us toward peace."

Making a small wall hanging for our homes and tzrifim to earn the line, "grant us peace, kindness, and mercy in your eyes and in the eyes of all who see us."

Sabre, dora
Ari, ty, jess

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