Ilanot Birthday: Israeli Style!


Last night, the Israeli staff of Ilanot implemented an Ilanot birthday party! We celebrated an unbirthday party with games and songs that are special to Israeli culture! Below are a few highlights:

CHAVILAH OVERET (passing the package): Chanichim pass around a package as music is playing. When the music stops, the person holding the package rips off the outer layer of paper revealing a task. Some of the tasks that we completed were getting the whole edah to clap at once, singing "happy birthday" in hebrew while hopping on one foot, and walking around the moadon while making chicken noises.


In this photo, chanichim tried to aim a marker tied to their waist into a water bottle without using their hands!


In this photo, chanichim searched for a hershey kiss in a plate of flour! No hands!


We then danced and sang and ate yummy snacks!

Thanks to our amazing Mishalchat for making this program a raving success!

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