Ilanot Bunk Activities

Today, at Camp Ramah, we may have experienced a little bit of rain, but what happened inside of the Ilanot bunks was magical. Each tzrif (bunk) did something great inside to celebrate the beautful rainfall outside. Here's what each tzrif was up to today for the short time that we spent doing a Peulat Tzrif (bunk activity)! 

Tzrif 11/12: Each camper was inducted into the secret society of the bunk! They made up a bunk handshake and a special word. They talked about bunk cohesion and friendship!

Tzrif 13: They played with funny madlibs and made each other giggle! Then they listened as one of the madrichim (counselors) read the next chapter of their bunk read-aloud from the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary.

Tzrif 17: Created an "air-conditioned" area in the bunk by gathering all of their fans in a circle in the middle of the bunk and playing games together in that space! The boys also enjoyed reading comic books in their new "air-conditioned" room!

Tzrif 19: While music played in the background while some kids were resting, others broke out into a dance party! Slowly, all of the boys in the bunk joined in! It was a sight to see!

It was my pleasure to see these things go on and hear about them later from both madrichim and chanichim! It's amazing what beautiful things kids can do!

Liav Shapiro, Rosh Ilanot


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