Ilanot enjoys week 8!


Our last week of camp was filled with amazing and exciting events and programs! From Boker Tzrif (a whole morning of amazing tzrif activities) last Friday, to Shabbat Ilanot (where we danced and sang beautifully in front of the whole camp in honor of Shabbat), to the Tzad Aleph Yom Sport. And from our nighttime screening of Tangled on the tennis courts, to amazing peulot tzrif and sneak-outs, to our dress up your madrich peulat erev (evening activity). We enjoyed our chugim, watched the Machon/Amitzim play, and swam in the agam (lake). Our tefilot were spirited and participatory, and we continued learning all about the Amidah. What an amazing, fun-filled final week of camp!11888099_10153281773806130_404589554988962921_n 11872207_10153281773626130_8687076127577752854_o 11893900_10153281773611130_8712168294632599368_o 11875005_10153281773621130_348540959060513788_o

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