Ilanot in Action!

Ilanoters have jumped right into the fun of Machane Ramah!

We have swam in the Agam, created various projects at Omanut, played lots of different sports, studied the Birchot Hashachar, learned new songs around a camp fire, and truly bonded as an Edah. 

Tonight we celebrated learning about the Birchot Hashachar with an activity called, "The Evening of A Thousand Stars Does Birchot Hashachar." Planned by counselors and camp programming staff, Ilanot campers each dressed up as a different star from storybooks, movies, and TV shows. Each camper designed his/her own costume! As an edah we went to dinner and showed our Ilanot pride to all of A-side! After dinner, in groups, the campers wrote short skits to portray each bracha in the birchot hashachar. As each group performed, the rest of the edah guessed which bracha was presented in the skits. By the end of the evening, all 66 chanichim were excitedly engaged in the guessing, naming the brachot with enthusiasm! Stay tuned for pictures of our amazing costumes!!!

Ilanot is looking forward to our trip to Six flags tomorrow!

We are happy, smiley, and energetic! Go Ilanot!

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