Ilanot learns about leadership


Throughout the past week, Ilanot campers have been learning about leadership. We began the week with a yom meyuchad where they got to experience various aspects of leadership and engaged in meaningful conversation about the qualities of a strong Jewish leader.

We began our day with t'filot where each tzrif lead a different t'illah. We then worked together in cooperative teams to create and design cars (out of cardboard and other camp supplies). We excersized our skills in working as a team and tried to notice when people stepped up into leadership positions. We ran relay races wearing our cars and cheered on our teammates with pride!

Next, we learned about many tzedakah projects (Jewish charities). We split into groups and studied what each charity does and why they might be an important place to give money. Then each group created an advertisement for their charity and tried to convince other groups to "donate" to their fund. We also learned about Maimonides 8 Levels of Tzedakah during this activity!

Later in the day, Ilanot wrote letters to their future selves. These letters were placed in a bin. We have called it a "time capsule." We hope that when these chanichim are in Nivonim, they will open it and see how much they've grown here at Camp Ramah!

We also have begun painting the inside of our moadon! This is big considering that in the inside of Moadon Ilanot has never been painted! Our chanichim are very excited about being part of this project!

The following evening, we created games to teach others about the qualities of a good leader. We taught each other how to play the games and had a great discussion about every one of us beginning to figure out what kind of a leader we want to be!



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