Ilanot Six Flags and More!


We have officially begun to wrap up this incredible session in Ilanot. It is hard to believe we’ll be saying goodbye to so many of our new friends. With just the carnival, banquet, and our last Shabbat ahead of us, we’ve been reflecting a lot on all of the memorable moments of Kayitz 2014. Although we don’t want camp to end, packing tomorrow brings with it the excitement of seeing friends and family at home, and sharing all of the fantastic stories from the session!

On Monday we set out for Six Flags – a huge line of busses pulled out of camp for what would prove to be a great day. We got really lucky with the weather — the clouds made for a more comfortable day that wasn’t overly hot or sunny, and also resulted in us having the park more to ourselves than usual. Lines were shorter, and the attractions were just as fun as always. The water park was a great way to cool off, and the thrills of the amusement park have been the topic of stories all week.


The rest of the week was jam-packed as well. Despite some schedule changes due to weather, the kids had a lot of fun. Tzrif 9 came up with a great version of “human bowling” as a fun way to pass the extra time spent in the bunk. Lots of dance parties and nail-painting (especially with the boys!) were also popular activities.

Last night we had a chance to see just how much talent we have in Ilanot 2014 – with acts ranging from singing and dancing, to tennis-ball-bloopers, drums, and more!


We can’t wait to make the most out of the time we have left together!

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