Ilanot – T’fillot at the אנדרטא


Rachel_pic_2 Led by our Mishlachat (emissaries from Israel), this morning, Ilanot had our prayer services at the memorial (in Hebrew: אנדרטא). The service was a memorable one for all involved. Aviv, bunk 15/16’s live- in, explained what the different symbols on the memorial mean. Moty, bunk 10’s counselor, talked about where in the Torah (II Samuel) the line הצבי ישראל על במותיך הלל (which is written on the memorial) comes from. And Noam, bunk 10’s live-in, talked a little bit about the Second Lebanon War, which all of Ilanot’s Mishlachat fought in. Noam also showed us the pin that each soldier from that war earned. He explained what the different colors on the pin meant. I think we all learned something this morning, and had a very meaningful prayer experience.

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