Ilanot Update

Shalom Parents,
The second week ended with a fantastic Shabbat! Despite the rain on Friday night, we were able to pray outside on Saturday, as it was a beautiful day! We had a guest leader, Assistant Director Davey Rosen, and Heather fiedler, rosh yahadut, gave the d'var torah. Ilanot continued learning about the havdallah serivce by examining the 'bein or l'choshech'  (light and darkness) aspect of the prayer. We played a game and talked about associations that we had with the words light and darkness. We ended shabbat by participating in camp-wide havdallah.

Yesterday was Yom Sport (color war) here at camp! The day was planned by our Nivonim CITs and it was fun to spend the day with them. Ilanoters participated in ga-ga, soccer, kickball, magic card games, charades and many more fun activities. At the end of the night the lavan (white) team won the day! Everyone had a lot of fun singing, dancing, playing sports and cheering on their team.

We are looking forward to tonights peulat erev (evening activity), Ramah's got talent! Our very own Aaron Jennis will be playing the guitar as the representative from Ilanot! Good luck Aaron! We are really looking forward to the last week and a half together here in Ilanot. Keep checking back for more Ilanot news!


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