Impact of Ramah- The 100 Day Countdown


are approaching the official 100 day countdown to Kayitz 2010. That
means we are closer to playing in the agam, davening Kabbalat Shabbat
in the grove, swinging on the alpine tower and so much more.

For our 100 day countdown we will be running a blog series called; Impact of Ramah- The 100 Day Countdown.
 In order to do this we need your help! Parents, campers and staff – we
would like YOU to tell us why you are excited for Kayitz 2010.What are
you most looking forward to, what do you miss about camp that you can't
wait to experience again. Tell us how the Ramah experience has impacted
you and your family. If you are a new camper tell us why you are
excited to join the Ramah Kehillah (community), and what new
experiences you look forward to having with us at Ramah New England. 

will post your quotes onto the blog as part of our 100-Day Countdown.
If you have a picture that helps explain the impact of Ramah please
feel free to send that as well. Ramah is a special place and we want to
highlight that as we get ready for Kayitz 2010.

Your pictures and quotes should be sent to
We encourage you to get all of your friends and family members involved!

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