Important Announcements

Shalom Ramah New England Families,

As we open our second day camp and expand our year-round activities, we are increasing the impact Ramah has on our families and in our region. To meet these new opportunities, I am happy to announce several promotions within the organization.

First, I want to announce the promotion of Ed Pletman to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Ed has been functioning in this role for over a year and it is time to make it official. The scope of Ed’s work has grown tremendously. Ed plays an integral role in finance across the organization. He oversees the site at Palmer and provides operational support to our day camp programs. He serves as an advisor and mentor to everyone in the organization.  With this promotion, in the coming months, we will be adding staff to our finance and operation departments.

Second, It is with great pride and joy that I announce the promotions of both Joshua Edelglass and Michelle Sugarman to Co-Directors of Camp Ramah New England. Both Josh and Michelle, throughout their careers, have proved to be incredible Ramah leaders and both have played a critical role in Palmer over the last couple of years. You can read their bios (including Ed’s) here.

Here are a few important things to know:

Josh and Michelle have been integral to running the day to day operations in Palmer. Their vision, hard work, relationships with campers and staff and organizational skills have helped us to provide exceptional camper care, a great staff training program, and a fun and high-level camp program. Michelle and Josh are instrumental in creating the joy that makes Ramah what it is.

During the summer camp season, except for when visiting our day camps, I will continue to oversee the day to day operations at Palmer.  I am confident that our Palmer operations will run seamlessly and skillfully under Michelle and Josh’s leadership at any time that I am off site.

The most visible change to camp families will be that there will be more times when you will hear directly from Michelle or Josh about your camper. Our leadership team, which includes Josh and Michelle, Ed Pletman, Talya Kalender (Director of Camper Care) and me, work closely together to make sure each camper receives the best care possible.

We have an incredible team overseeing our camps. With Michelle and Josh as co-directors of our overnight camp in Palmer, joining Rabbi Jill Levy (director of our DC day camp), and Rabbi Rachel Silverman (director of our Boston day camp), we are well-positioned to move into the future.

Ramah New England has been growing. Our overnight and DC day camps are operating at capacity and the launch of our Boston day camp has generated great excitement. We are expanding our year-round programs throughout our region and in Palmer. In addition to our annual spring family weekend, we are opening a late August family camp so the whole family can experience the Ramah magic. Click here to explore our two exciting Family Camp programs! We hope that we will continue to grow so that more kids and their families can find they belong at Ramah.

Kol tuv,


Rabbi Ed Gelb (He/Him/His)

CEO, Ramah New England

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